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By Professor Stephen R. Anderson

Can animals study a human language and use it to speak? Or is human language distinct to people, simply as many advanced behaviors of alternative species are uniquely theirs? This engrossing e-book explores conversation and cognition in animals and people from a linguistic perspective and asserts that animals aren't in a position to buying or utilizing human language.
Stephen R. Anderson explains what's intended by means of conversation, the adaptation among verbal exchange and language, and the basic features of language. subsequent he examines numerous animal communique platforms, together with bee dances, frog vocalizations, chicken songs, and alarm calls and different vocal, gestural, and olfactory communique between primates. Anderson then compares those to human language, together with signed languages utilized by the deaf. Arguing that makes an attempt to educate human languages or their equivalents to the nice apes haven't succeeded in demonstrating linguistic skills in nonhuman species, he concludes that animal conversation systems—intriguing and sundry even though they might be—do now not comprise all of the crucial homes of human language. Animals can converse, yet they can’t talk.

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